Be Your Own Bank and Start Your Own Retirement Savings Plan

Okay, for whatever reason, you’re still not sold on the necessary to buy gold to hedge against the financial crisis that continues to get worse. But did you know that there is an IRS Approved Retirement Savings Plan that allows you to access and bequeath your savings TAX FREE? Learning about this plan could re-kindle your hope and plan for a safe and secure retirement.

The reality of today is that current retirement plans are failing miserably. As the average 401K balance has been cut in half, people are questioning the security of traditional financial planning in the market through stocks and mutual funds. At the same time, wealth is fading quickly for many current retirees. However, with the right savings tools in place and realizing what dangers lie before you, the future doesn’t have to look so bleak.

The rise in family income has not kept up with inflation. In addition, the average family carries debt payments of 34% on top of their mortgage and saves less than 1% of gross income and it becomes clear that finding true savings vehicles has never been more crucial.

For years, financial advisors have promoted traditional forms of tax shelters, but the problem with many “Tax Shelters” is that they might not really shelter as much as they should. What people think is the best way to save is no longer the case, and it’s been the case for some time now. The good news is the IRS has approved a private retirement plan that is TAX FREE utilizing a “non-traditional” savings vehicle approved by the U.S. Government. By developing your own private retirement plan, you stand to enjoy the following benefits:

- 100% guarantee of principle and earnings
- tax free distributions
- government minimum interest rate as high as 4%
- 100 year history of dividends
- complete liquidity
- remaining funds transfer to heirs tax free

One of the primary benefits of developing your own private retirement plan is that the savings or cash inside your private plan is 100% liquid and can be withdrawn for any reason at any time without any penalty or tax.

The financial product that offers these IRS tax qualified characteristics is a proprietary Life Insurance Policy set up to have maximum cash value allowable by law.

Not many financial advisors even know about the benefits of such a policy, which is probably why you’ve never heard of it yet. But now you can take the steps necessary to start a plan which will solve the current problems of today’s “traditional” financial planning.

The looming financial crisis is upon us and action must be taken to avoid what is on the horizon with our broken monetary system. By implementing some form of a private retirement plan, you’ll avoid the many pitfalls being experienced by the majority of the aging U.S. population.

If you would like more information on how this private retirement plan works, including a detailed workup of the numbers on a year-by-year basis, like us on Facebook, send us an email or contact us today for a no-obligation consultation which will explain the entire process of starting your own private retirement plan and what it can do for your financial future.

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