Are Karatbars Gold Overpriced? Show this Article to the Naysayers!

Perhaps the biggest objection I’ve heard regarding the Karatbars Gold business opportunity is that the price of the gold is way too high. I hear this constantly, over and over again, and I keep having to shake my head because people who say this don’t realize they are not comparing “apples to apples” – they miss the whole point of what Karatbars really are. If only I had a Karatbar for every time I heard this! Instead of comparing apples to oranges, let’s take a realistic approach with an example everyone can understand.

A Bentley is a car just like a Honda Accord is just a car. So why is the Bentley so much more expensive? They’ll both get you where you want to go, but one is worth more than the other and retains its value better than the other. Why is milk by the gallon cheaper than milk in a pint? Similarly, gold bars, coins, ingots, etc are all gold, but each has it’s own valuation based on buying in bulk or quality.

You simply cannot take the ‘spot’ price of gold and divide it by 31.1 (there are roughly 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold) to get an accurate price comparison and claim that Karatbars are overpriced. You are then comparing apples to oranges! 

Karatbars are pure gold in small denominations. Any product purchased in bulk will receive volume discounts. You must take this into account when comparing the price of Karatbars to the bullion price of gold you see advertised in the gold marketplace. There’s a simple reason bulk prices for gold are less per ounce: there are more costs involved to produce small denomination gold units verses one large unit. What most people don’t realize is there are tremendous benefits of buying gold in small increments such as the 1, 2.5, and 5 gram transaction-friendly gold bars from Karatbars that are significant and should be part of your gold buying strategy. This all comes at a cost (unlike buying in bulk), and if you’re not doing a valid comparison, you may think Karatbars are overpriced.

However, by doing a correct comparison, you’ll see that is definitely not the case. The truth is there really isn’t anything like Karatbars. Karatbars gold is a game-changer! Nobody is doing with Karatbars is doing on a global basis – you cannot include it with other “gold” companies and businesses because the product is so unique. That’s the explanation for the price – when you do a fair comparison, no one who understands economics in their right mind can claim they are “over paying” for gold.

The fact of the matter is that owning Karatbars makes much more sense in this global marketplace than owning bulk gold, even though you may get the bulk gold at a lower price. Factor in the benefits, which include not only accumulating real 999.9 gold (the most flexible and secure currency grade gold possible) as a historical store of value, but earning “free gold” as others do likewise. The 12-Step Success Plan shows you how!

As with all economics, the more you buy, the better price you get. In fact, Karatbars has the lowest price within their gold category when you make sure you compare apples to apples. Try asking a gold broker what their price is for a 999.9-grade 1-gram gold bullion produced by an LBMA-certified refinery – you’ll find out no one can match Karatbars prices.

If anyone ever tells you Karatbars are overpriced, or quote the spot price of gold as a reason why you shouldn’t get involved with Karatbars, send them this post!

People who say you’re paying too much for Karatbars gold just isn’t doing their homework by not understanding bulk pricing. Remember, you don’t buy Karatbars to trade, you buy them to save! Besides, your thinking should never be “what does it cost”, instead you should be asking yourself “what is it worth”? Quite honestly, I don’t ever want to hear this objection again! There are many reasons why you may not want to get involved with the Karatbars Gold opportunity, but being overpriced certainly isn’t one of them.

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