About Buying Karatbar Gold

Text “KARATBARS” to 95577 for more information

We offer the world’s first and only “gold backed” savings plan! Simply open a FREE Karatbars account. You’d have to be blind not to realize that you must be investing in gold as a hedge against the upcoming inflation and the collapse of the dollar. We see that, and have created this blog for your benefit.

But it’s much more than that – we provide you with a vehicle to not only hedge using gold, but to basically set you up with your own gold currency exchange system so you can show others how to buy gold and invest in gold via Karatbars as well.

Your Karatbars account is self directed. You own, manage and control your account online. Deposits are optional (just like where you bank now) and you have complete control. Deposits are exchanged for gold in the exchange rate for that day.  Here are more highlights:

  • Liquidity – Your gold and silver can be exchanged for cash at any time.
  • Cash is made available again in a few working days.
  • FREE enrollment and no monthly website fees!!!
  • Buy/Sell/Own Gold direct from the Mining Company.
  • No “middle man” premiums or shipping costs.

The bottom line is you can set up your own gold currency exchange for FREE. Imagine having your own Gold Franchise with a self-replicating website for free, as you show people ways to protect themselves against financial crises that you read about every day. This website is a showcase of those articles, videos, news, etc that will prove to you exactly why it is so imperative to buy gold and invest in gold today!

Is Karatbars a scam? Read this post and decide for yourself.

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