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Thought Provoking Questions that may help You in the Gold Karatbars Home Based Business

TweetKudos out there to Kevin James Brown who came up with this and posted it to our Karatbars Skype group. And by the way, if you’re not in that group already, I strongly suggest you request an invite since it’s … Continue reading

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Maintain Your Purchasing Power with Gold Karatbars

TweetWatch this video to learn why it makes sense to maintain your purchasing power with Gold Karatbars. In 1850, you could buy a horse with $20 paper dollars or 1 ounce of GOLD. Today, you can still buy a horse … Continue reading

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Karatbars Gold is the Answer to the Inevitalble Collapse of the US Dollar

TweetThis “Paper Money Experiment” seems to have has its course. The Federal Reserve, the U.S. government, and the Wall Street crooks have misused their power by mismanaging the dollar, which can only result in dire and severe global repercussions. The … Continue reading

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