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What Are You Doing Tomorrow? Will New Bill Collapse the US Dollar?

TweetWrite down this date: July 1st, 2014. (or in other words, tomorrow). According to Stansberry Research, this is the date that the U.S. dollar will officially collapse due to the implementation of H.R. 2847.  According to this video, this bill … Continue reading

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Will Expense of War Lead to Collapse of US Dollar?

TweetI’m frightened by the future and what’s currently happening in Syria and the Middle East with this ISIS group that’s terrorizing the area. When you’re too radical a group for Al Qaeda, you know things are bad. But in all … Continue reading

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Is the GLOBAL Economic Collapse Imminent? Is FREE Gold by the Gram the Answer?

TweetWatch this video and decide for yourself if Gary Franchi‘s argument holds water:Notice how he advocates gold IN SMALL AMOUNTS. This is a totally different concept from everything we’ve always been taught. Consider the benefits: A medium of exchange you … Continue reading

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Max Keiser and the Big Picture on Gold and the Global Economy

TweetWhat is really going on in the global economy? The Max Keiser report hits home again with the latest episode which is definitely worth watching (especially the last half of the show). Watch the video here and listen closely at … Continue reading

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The Shocking Truth You Won’t See on the History Channel

TweetThe interview you are about to hear contains some of the most shocking information you’ve probably ever heard. Listen to precious metals researcher’s Bix Weir as he was recently interviewed by History Channel 2 for THREE HOURS as part … Continue reading

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