If Deutsche Bank Fails, Global Financial Reverberations Will Be Catastrophic Unless You Own Gold

Have you created an account at Karatbars Gold yet? Because after today, we are at DEFCON 1 with the global monetary system with reports that Deutsche Bank, Europe’s largest investment bank, is about to go under. Some significant hedge funds that use Deutsche Bank have already started to severe their relationships and move their holdings to other firms this week as reported by Bloomberg News. This is a CLEAR signal that may make the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, the MF Global’s 2011 bankruptcy, and it’s never-ending Recession look like just a broken piggy bank – we are talking BILLIONS of dollars. It’s no wonder why Deutsche Bank’s stock in NY is sinking faster than the Titanic today. European banks are scrambling as trust in their banking systems is faltering with concerns that any liquidity may not be possible (and believe me, YOUR financial safety is at stake in all of this!)

This news almost certainly makes the case for gold – right now! Simply put: a failure of Deutsche Bank would trigger a systemic banking epidemic the likes of which we’ve never seen! (and that’s including what happened in the late 2000s!). When Brexit happened, we predicted it would be the fuse that could detonate the Deutsche Bank and warned people to start accumulating gold. Did you listen to us by opening up a Karatbars Gold account? Hope so, because what can’t be ignored is that we are living in a global economy. If European banks are showing renewed signals of crisis, that is not a good sign for fiat paper money.

WARNING: I cannot find a high-enough mountaintop to shout this out: If you haven’t done so already,  Please, please, please do this… protect your assets! (if nothing else but to give you some peace of mind as the world monetary events unfurl further).

So, are we looking at the next stage of a banking crisis? Let’s see: there are 3 major banks in major trouble fighting off insolvency and failure – CitiGroup in New York, Barclays in London, and now Deutsche Bank in Germany, and if Deutsche Bank goes down, they will NOT go down alone. Many other banks will join them as well. If we’ve learned anything from the last banking crisis, we know that big banks are in it for themselves and are so criminal that they will commit fraud and factor in criminal activity as a cost of doing business. Do you think they care at all for you?

What will happen if and when all these major banks fail? One thing’s for sure: gold will be treated like a currency – and you will have been protected via your foresight into the Karatbars Gold opportunity. Don’t ignore these warning signs. Take 5 minutes out of your day, stop what you’re doing right now, and open up that gold buying account right now. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

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Brexit Makes Case for Buying Karatbars Gold

I get it that many of you who read this blog think we may be overreacting when it comes to global monetary instability. But you’d have to be completely blind to notice the impact on gold with respect to what’s going on in England. In fact, the one investment that just made a killing thanks to Brexit just happens to be gold – Karatbars Gold in particular.

As the global markets collapsed around the world on Friday, gold owners who understand that this is just the beginning are resting easy – especially those who have embraced the Karatbars Gold buying opportunity, and specifically those who have turned Karatbars into a lucrative business (like we’ve been telling you for years now).

Gold saw a huge 5% increase one-day price jump to $1,318 per ounce. That’s a two-year high and 13 percent higher than it was a year ago. Now we all know gold has been a centuries old store of value which tends to gain momentum in times of anxiety because gold buyers see gold as a vehicle that isn’t vulnerable to shifts in the value of fiat currency. They are correct, and you’d have to be blind not to realize we are being faced with more uncertainty than ever before.

Buying gold is a tried and true safe haven. In fact, gold is the only absolutely certain in a world of constantly changing values, constantly changing politics and constantly changing risk. Brexit is proving that, and believe me folks, Brexit is just the beginning.

While it has had its ups and downs over the years, gold’s value steadily climbed from the mid-1990s through the global financial crisis and into the early years of the economic recovery. Gold peaked in August 2011 at $1,833 per ounce, and then it slowly decreased in 2013 and 2014. During that period, investors were increasingly confident in other assets and found less reason to buy gold. In addition, gold seemed less relevant in an era of extraordinarily low inflation, which meant that currencies would hold on to their value.

Not true! Gold finally bottomed out in late 2015 at just above $1,000. It’s then climbed through this year as a result, in part, of global economic uncertainty hitting a high on Friday.

No one’s ever seen an economy leave Europe, yet it just happened. Likewise, many people react with disbelief at the notion that the US dollar may collapse – and according to unbiased, objective math, it MUST! It’s just a matter of time. We’re advising you reading this to protect yourself for that inevitability by buying gold via the Karatbars gold opportunity, which is the only reputable platform out there for buying gold in small increments. Why small increments? Because you’ll be able to buy things with Karatbars gold when disaster strikes. You will be ready if you heed our advice on this!

So, are we over-reacting now? Probably not. What you are currently seeing is a monetary earthquake right before your very eyes as the UK pound plunged after the referendum results pointed to the EU exit. Many (as do we) believe the EU will crumble upon Britain’s exit. Rumor has it 5 more countries want out as well.

The impact of Brexit and the remaining aftermath will be felt in the United States and worldwide. You are seeing the beginning of a major monetary revolution, and you better be ready for it with Karatbars. You’ve been warned… again.

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Karatbars Gold Event Calendar for Webinars, Meetings, and Presentations

Visit the Karatbars Event Calendar for detailed information on upcoming webinars, meetings, and presentations on the Karatbars Gold opportunity. This is an excellent resource to send people to, because they go over all the details of the program, right down to the business opportunity as well.

If you send people to these webinars, you’ll see many of your prospects turn into partners and be well on your way to becoming successful with Karatbars with the 12-Week Success Program. Basically, the week breaks down as follows:

  • Mondays: Live Webinar from 3:00pm-4:00pm (EST) and a Team Huddle from 9:00pm-10:00pm
  • Tuesdays: Live Webinar from 9:00pm-10:00pm (EST)
  • Wednesdays: Live Webinar from 9:00pm-10:00pm (EST)
  • Thursdays: Live Webinar from 7:00pm-8:00pm (EST)
  • Fridays: Live Webinar from 9:00pm-10:00pm (EST)

Clicking on the links on the calendar will give you the access information you’ll need to join each webinar. They are totally worth the time and anyone you talk to regarding buying gold will definitely find them interesting and informative. Where else can you get this kind of support?

If you’re not a Karatbars member yet, we strongly urge you to go to BuyKaratBarGold.com and set up a free account, and you’ll be well on your way on protecting yourself from financial crisis and the collapse of the US dollar. You do NOT want to be on the sidelines when that happens…

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George Soros Actions Say Buy Gold Before it’s Too Late

As of this very moment, the Stock Market is down 400 points after China’s stock market crashed overnight. That’s it folks, no matter which way you look at it, the US economy is in real jeopardy and is on the verge of a massive collapse. Governmental policies have destroyed the middle class, retail sales, manufacturing, GDP, etc. – in short every important measurement of economy.

The average person has absolutely no clue what is happening. The media lies and covers up for the politicians. The Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. Everyone in government and our current “leaders” are incompetent. But do you know who’s smiling? George Soros. Watch this:

Whatever you may think of him, George Soros is one of the most scrutinized bankers alive today. People watch what he does and says very closely – and now through his actions he’s telling you to buy gold. His actions are making a strong statement that Americans need to take their money out of banks before it’s too late and buy as much gold as possible.

That’s not just us telling you that – this is coming from someone who’s made billions of dollars investing and currency trading and has strong ties to a significant number of mainstream news outlets. He has recently sold his holdings in many bank stocks and replaced them with gold related investments. What does he know that we don’t? Unfortunately, a lot!

In building a sizable gold portfolio, Soros is betting against the US Stock Market, the FED,  and three major US domestic banks, which is something you’d only do if you believe the collapse of the US dollar is right around the corner. There’s only one way to make sense of Soros’ actions: there’s bad news in the global economy on the horizon. That’s the only explanation. Remember, this guy does not get things wrong!

Our national debt is now $19 trillion dollars and President Obama is adding $1 trillion per year to the total – but that’s not even the most telling statistic! Based on math alone, we can never pay off this debt. This number is so astronomical, future generations won’t even be able to pay off this debt. And who is this debt owed to? The central banking system! George Soros knows this and is working to make this happen.

George Soros is investing in Chinese money movement over the U.S. dollar, its banks, and the American Stock Market, and hedging his bets by amassing physical gold. He’s not looking at the American Stock Market, real estate, or banks. You need to do likewise.

You may not have the resources of a George Soros, which is why you need to take a serious look at the Karatbars International gold-buying program, which allows you to accumulate gold in small quantities and earn when others do likewise as an affiliate of the program.

This is real gold with so many advantages, you’d be crazy not to get involved. Besides accumulating gold at your own pace with absolutely no restrictions or quotas, you can make gold a nice profit source for you if you treat the opportunity like a business. (which is something that should go without saying at this point).

Don’t wait for the collapse because then it’ll be too late. You can sit back and complain about how evil a person like George Soros may be, or you can take advantage of what he’s telling you to do right now and start to buy gold and hedge against the financial crisis that he says is right around the corner.

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Gold is the Perfect Holiday Gift For That Person Who Has Everything

It’s Cyber Monday today, and many people are online right now frantically trying to buy someone a useless present for the holidays. For some, the problem becomes “what to get the person that has everything?” Luckily for everyone, Gold is an item that everyone knows about and wants, but people just don’t know where to buy it in a manner that makes sense for them and doesn’t break their bankroll in the process.

Introducing Karatbars Gold, the perfect gift for just about anyone! With Karatbars, you can easily buy gold in small denominations in an affordable manner and give an amazing gift people are sure to remember and appreciate.

Let’s face it: most people dread the holidays because they don’t know what to get for the people on their gift lists. Then they end up overspending on some ridiculous last-minute gift that the gift recipient politely says “wow… just what I wanted”. Yeah right! Don’t believe me? What did YOU get last Christmas that was memorable?… go on, I’ve give you some time to think about that.

Or worse yet- what did YOU buy for your “hard to buy for” people last year? My guess is you probably don’t even remember. Point made! Here are 3 reasons why you need to move on Karatbars for this holiday season NOW:

1) You’re giving GOLD, as in real 999.9 bullion gold that’s certified, safe, real, and in small denominations. The gold comes encased in a card the size of a credit card and they can be customized with messages and logos if you want.

2) “No, I don’t want gold. I’d rather have the “I Love the Fed” t-shirt”, said no one ever! Everyone knows what gold is – everyone wants it (and many want it in forms other than having to wear it as in bracelets or rings!). You’ll be giving a gift that people actually want, and one that won’t get be forgotten, buried deep in a closet, or re-gifted, you can be sure of that!

3) When you become a Karatbars affiliate, you earn while others do likewise. (there’s even a plan you can follow to assure success). Without even trying, you’re practically putting your holiday recipient into the gold business! (if they so desire), but either way, you benefit business wise, and you benefit soul wise as you’re giving someone something that’s helpful and doing something that provides a tangible good for that person – especially in the face of the coming economic crash and collapse of the U.S. dollar.

The very truth of holiday giving is that most people are hard to buy for. It’s very rare when you can buy something that’s original and something that shows a genuine thoughtfulness for that person that lasts (unlike the mandatory bottle of wine that you’re accustomed to). Gold has been a store of value for centuries now and will continue to be one long into the future.

Karatbars provides you with the perfect opportunity to do something great for that hard to buy for person on your list. Become an affiliate today and make your holiday one to remember! Believe me, if you do that and give the gift of gold, everyone on your list will thank you (especially if they get involved as an affiliate at that point and do likewise). When that happens, life will be so good that everyday of the year will be like Christmas!

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Are Karatbars Gold Overpriced? Show this Article to the Naysayers!

Perhaps the biggest objection I’ve heard regarding the Karatbars Gold business opportunity is that the price of the gold is way too high. I hear this constantly, over and over again, and I keep having to shake my head because people who say this don’t realize they are not comparing “apples to apples” – they miss the whole point of what Karatbars really are. If only I had a Karatbar for every time I heard this! Instead of comparing apples to oranges, let’s take a realistic approach with an example everyone can understand.

A Bentley is a car just like a Honda Accord is just a car. So why is the Bentley so much more expensive? They’ll both get you where you want to go, but one is worth more than the other and retains its value better than the other. Why is milk by the gallon cheaper than milk in a pint? Similarly, gold bars, coins, ingots, etc are all gold, but each has it’s own valuation based on buying in bulk or quality.

You simply cannot take the ‘spot’ price of gold and divide it by 31.1 (there are roughly 31.1 grams per troy ounce of gold) to get an accurate price comparison and claim that Karatbars are overpriced. You are then comparing apples to oranges! 

Karatbars are pure gold in small denominations. Any product purchased in bulk will receive volume discounts. You must take this into account when comparing the price of Karatbars to the bullion price of gold you see advertised in the gold marketplace. There’s a simple reason bulk prices for gold are less per ounce: there are more costs involved to produce small denomination gold units verses one large unit. What most people don’t realize is there are tremendous benefits of buying gold in small increments such as the 1, 2.5, and 5 gram transaction-friendly gold bars from Karatbars that are significant and should be part of your gold buying strategy. This all comes at a cost (unlike buying in bulk), and if you’re not doing a valid comparison, you may think Karatbars are overpriced.

However, by doing a correct comparison, you’ll see that is definitely not the case. The truth is there really isn’t anything like Karatbars. Karatbars gold is a game-changer! Nobody is doing with Karatbars is doing on a global basis – you cannot include it with other “gold” companies and businesses because the product is so unique. That’s the explanation for the price – when you do a fair comparison, no one who understands economics in their right mind can claim they are “over paying” for gold.

The fact of the matter is that owning Karatbars makes much more sense in this global marketplace than owning bulk gold, even though you may get the bulk gold at a lower price. Factor in the benefits, which include not only accumulating real 999.9 gold (the most flexible and secure currency grade gold possible) as a historical store of value, but earning “free gold” as others do likewise. The 12-Step Success Plan shows you how!

As with all economics, the more you buy, the better price you get. In fact, Karatbars has the lowest price within their gold category when you make sure you compare apples to apples. Try asking a gold broker what their price is for a 999.9-grade 1-gram gold bullion produced by an LBMA-certified refinery – you’ll find out no one can match Karatbars prices.

If anyone ever tells you Karatbars are overpriced, or quote the spot price of gold as a reason why you shouldn’t get involved with Karatbars, send them this post!

People who say you’re paying too much for Karatbars gold just isn’t doing their homework by not understanding bulk pricing. Remember, you don’t buy Karatbars to trade, you buy them to save! Besides, your thinking should never be “what does it cost”, instead you should be asking yourself “what is it worth”? Quite honestly, I don’t ever want to hear this objection again! There are many reasons why you may not want to get involved with the Karatbars Gold opportunity, but being overpriced certainly isn’t one of them.

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Stock Market is an Illusion – Only Buying Gold Offers Protection from the Eventual Dollar Collapse and Hyperinflation

Economic genius James Turk says that gold has been in such a sideways correctional situation for a number of years now, that a meaningful rally for gold is way overdue. Seasonal patterns don’t always work, but when they do, it’s good to be on the right side, and that certainly applies to the gold market.

Based on everything that’s going on right now in the global economy, the demand for gold is so great, the price most certainly will start rising as you cannot create gold out of thin air, like the Fed does with FIAT paper. Karatbar affiliates know this already, which is why the Karatbar gold business opportunity makes so much sense. With Karatbars, you can buy gold, (and even get free gold if you implement the 12-week success plan) and earn while others do likewise.

While some point to the stock market as a path to wealth, if you really break it down, you’ll clearly see how the deck is stacked against you. The stock market is actually a complete illusion – and this isn’t some kind of crazy conspiracy theory. This is just straight and simple math that clearly illustrates how the system works against you if you don’t understand it properly. In fact, if you were to calculate the real value of the dollar, you’d probably rather take your chances with the shark from Jaws.

The stock markets of the 10 largest global economies are all crashing. Please understand that the table is being set right now for the next financial crisis. Gold is cheap right now because the banking cartel is suppressing the price in a massive gold price rigging scandal. (Here’s the proof). And if you REALLY believe the mainstream media and think things are going great, what do you think will going to happen when the government shuts down? HINT: You’re going to wish you got involved with Karatbars way sooner! This is how the government does math:

Now I don’t want to sound all doom and gloom. The truth of the matter is that we’re in line to experience the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Being on the right side of the fence means you’ll be able to profit from it all. It starts with buying gold. It starts with Karatbars. And it starts with making gold your business!

Are you really living? Or are you just living to pay your bills until you die?

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Mainstream Media’s News is Classic Misdirection Magic Trick

In the aftermath of the last presidential debate, all you hear about in the media these days seems to involve Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. Like all good magicians know, it’s all about misdirection and the media understands that most people are stupid.

Funny how no one is talking about the dire straits the US monetary system is in and how the Fed may be setting us up for another recession. (assuming we ever got out of the last one in the first place! That’s another point to be debated.) Not one question in the last debate went to that point. But the issue is real and it’s affecting each and every one of us, whether we want to admit it or not.

While you’ve been watching “news” of Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner, China has just made a major move to devalue their yuan, which many believe to be the start of a giant global currency war. Who cares? Right? … But what most people don’t realize is that perhaps their endgame here is to prepare for a time when the global financial world does not revolve around the U.S. Dollar. All of this is going on as stories about Cecil the Lion dominate the headlines.

Donald Trump himself said this move by China will be devastating to the U.S. economy and that the dollar bubble is set to burst as a result. Oh, but in the meantime, “What color was the dress” got 64,000 “shares” on Mashable – classic misdirection to what’s really important to YOUR life, and nobody cares. Watch this video below:

In the real world, (and by that I mean the world where you should be setting aside a portion of your assets into real, pure, Karatbar gold), we can see that by letting their currency float more freely, the Chinese principle concern was not their exchange rate with the dollar, which had remained largely fixed, but their exchange rates with currencies like the Japanese yen, the Australian dollar, the euro, the Canadian dollar, and other emerging market currencies in Latin America and South East Asia. In fact, China has already approved the usage of the Ruble instead of the dollar in their border cities. This shows where the Chinese are placing their priorities.

Reading between the lines, it’s clear the Chinese feel that the current U.S. dollar has all the earmarks of a classic bubble. You have to be quite naive to really buy into the media’s smoke-and-mirror belief that the U.S. economy has fully recovered and that the Fed will be able to raise interest rates and shrink its balance sheet substantially.

In fact, current REAL economic data shows anemic investment, minimal productivity growth, barely positive GDP growth, wage stagnation, and falling labor participation, all of which points to a strong possibility that the monetary road ahead will be a rocky one. And if that’s the case, watch for the Fed (the biggest leveraged hedge fund in history) to immediately deliver another round of QE, which of course makes things worse while seemingly being a solution (another classic misdirection magic trick).

By decoupling from the dollar now, China is sending a clear message that they may be prepared to let the U.S. dollar fall completely later. In other words, they’re betting it will happen. The move also illustrates the Chinese appetite for gold as a safe haven asset, as gold has surged in yuan terms over the past few weeks.

It is extremely important therefore to solidly plan for your future. Here’s the truth: The US national debt is real and mathematically cannot be fixed. This act by China could trigger another financial meltdown. DO NOT be fooled! Gold is your only real magical answer! The Karatbars gold opportunity fits perfectly into those plans.

… Now back to watching the latest episode of the Big Bang Theory…

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How to Market Karatbars Gold to a Wide Audience Without Breaking the Bank

By now, you realize the importance of protecting yourself against the eminent death of the U.S. dollar. Events unfolding this very instant in Greece should be an alarming wake up call that financial disaster can happen at any time – and you need to be prepared.

So… assuming you’ve already established a free Karatbars gold account and working the gold buying opportunity as a business, how do you get the word out to people to enroll to start earning while others do likewise? There are many ways to do this, but in order to be really successful, you have to really rack your mind and come up with ideas that’ll put you at the forefront where people will actually see and contact you.

I hate to say it, but a replicated website probably won’t do it. Don’t think for a minute your replicated site will place you anywhere near the top of the search engines, regardless of how much you promote it organically. Your Facebook fan page probably won’t do it either. You can try using Twitter or Instagram, but there’s so much noise and competing info out there, it’s hard to truly stand out. In short, everyone’s trying social media and very few are succeeding. Don’t be discouraged.

The best way to market your Karatbar gold business is to find someplace where there’s a ton of people around in a captive audience type environment. Highway billboards are awesome due to the sheer amount of traffic that pass by on a daily basis. But who has money for a billboard?

Ads on screens before the coming attractions in movie theatres work great too. Same thing with radio ads and of course TV. You’ve got a captive audience in a movie theatre where people can’t do anything but notice your ad. When you’re in your car, you’ve got nothing to do but listen to the radio. And we all know how much time we spend watching mindless TV. Again, the problem becomes: who’s got the money to do this?

But wait – you have a car, right? My real estate colleagues tell me that over 90% of their CLOSED sales come from people who originally contacted them via their contact information detailed on their cars! If it works in a competitive heavy industry such as real estate, there’s no reason it won’t work for something that’s way more question-provoking and sexy. (like Karatbars gold, right?)

On the high end, the average cost of detailing your car is about $150. That’s NOTHING compared to how many potential inquiries you may be getting on a daily basis! How much do you drive? How many people see your car each day? (you’d be really surprised on how high that number is if you really take the time and effort to count).

Now ask yourself this: how many people do you know are marketing their business efforts from car signage? (probably no one). You already know it works! Just do it. There’s nothing worse than traditional multi-level marketers and MLMers who stop you in grocery stores, coffee shops, shopping malls, and say stupid things to drum up business like “You look like someone I should be in business with”. Really?! How embarrassing! (no wonder why the industry is in such poor regard). Have a look at what I saw on the road the other day that made me turn my car around and stop to take a picture for what I call brilliant “mobile marketing”:

Now that’s what I call noticeable! Let’s summarize: You’ve joined Karatbars as an affiliate, but there’s way too much noise on the internet to stand out. Big-time advertising just costs too much money. But by using mobile car signage, you’re telling MANY people on a daily basis what you do and offering THEM the chance to contact you instead… THEN, you can meet them at Starbucks!

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Why Starting Your Karatbars Gold Business Makes Sense

Folks, it’s time we face some unpleasant realities: the suicide bomber we currently have in the White House is killing the middle class and most of us are walking around like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot that doesn’t realize it’s getting cooked until the heat becomes too much to bare. We’re being constantly lied to by the mainstream media who keep telling us everything is great, yet in reality tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs on a consistent basis. Brace yourself: The company that employs you and government are not there to protect you – you have to do that yourself. Don’t believe it?… Watch this video from gold-advocate Wayne Allyn Root:

Whether you want to face it or not, you have to be in your own business in order to protect yourself from the upcoming collapse of the U.S. dollar. Stocks, bonds, and real estate are not your answer. Gold, however, has consistently been a centuries-long store of value and continues to be so today. That’s why gold is your answer to where you should be looking to allocate a portion of your portfolio. But let’s get back to that “starting a business” thing.

Everyone knows it’s the correct thing to do, but our corrupt government makes you run through so many hurdles, obstacles, licenses, and red tape, they make it almost impossible for the average person without a large savings to do. (Hmmm… I wonder why – maybe because government needs you dependent on them?)

That’s the reason most people who want to start their own businesses turn to network marketing and multi-level marketing (MLM). No employees, easy start-up fees, working from home, etc., makes this a very enticing option. There’s only one problem: a very high percentage of them fail, and they fail mostly because of the dreaded “A” (autoship).

Autoship kills just about everyone involved with network marketing. That’s the reason 97% fail and an even higher percentage of people who get into an MLM never make a dime out of it to begin with! When you’re constantly forced to purchase an overpriced piece of garbage when your real focus is just on recruiting people into an organization that’s forced to rely on industry shills like Dr. Oz to endorse the product (and YOU have to pay a monthly fee to do it!), that’s definitely a formula for failure.

Let’s recap: you realize you’re getting lied to, you know you have to start a business, you’re middle class and getting murdered, you don’t have enough money to start a “real” business, and you don’t want to waste your time with an “MLM opportunity” recruiting people out of coffee shops. Is this you? What do you do?

The answer is Karatbars. The Karatbars opportunity allows you to accumulate gold in small denominations at your own pace, without any restrictions or autoship requirements. The “product” you are selling is real, 999.9 bullion gold, certified by the London Bullion Market Association, along with a hologram and serial number that certifies purity and weight, which is about as real as it gets.

And even if there was an autoship, who’s going to mind a garage full of gold versus your friend who’s stockpiling unsellable hand cream or bad-tasting energy drinks.

In addition to accumulating gold for yourself, Karatbars has an affiliate program that allows you to earn while others do likewise. Your “product” is gold (money). There are no autoships. You’re in a real business. You go at your own pace so you can start out small or big, your choice. You’ve got no employees or red-tape to deal with. You don’t have any inventory to store (Karatbars does that for you if you wish). And throughout it all, you’re protecting yourself against financial crisis and the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar.

… And you’re doing it all with pep in your step because in doing so, you’ll probably be leading a happier life. Seriously, who doesn’t get this? (sure,  maybe the Karatbars haters out there on the internet who blindly dismiss the opportunity as a pyramid scheme but who secretly “hate us cuz they ain’t us“)

Stop listening to the masses! People are sheeple, they’ll do and believe what they’re told. You’re probably different – If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to get moving on your free Karatbar account today and get going with your own business that’s REAL and makes sense!

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